At Spes Infracta

Hope is unbroken.

A win sure does feel good.  If former Bucco Ryan Voglesong had beat the Pirates, it would have been more than I could bear.  The Pirates got a good effort from all phases of the game with timely hitting, solid fielding, and excellent pitching.  I was a little surprised Charlie Morton went back out for the 8th inning, but was glad to see him do it.  I was dreading the 8th inning.

Pedro Alvarez has been getting a hit in just about every  game, but he sure does seem to be on his heels a bit.  Ryan Ludwick has been an RBI machine and Garret Jones has been on a tear.  It will be tough to get Alex Presley or Jose Tabata in the lineup when they return.  I think the team has to get an extended look at Presley, and I prefer a fleet footed outfield for defensive reasons.  This team is not short on talent, but their chances of ending the seasonal losing streak rests entirely on their pitching.

Charlie Morton again became the stopper by going those eight strong innings, and the bullpen finally had a chance to rest.  James McDonald needs to follow that performance up with a similar one tonight.  If he can do that, these two can set the tone for the remainder of the season and give the team a chance to have some success.



2 thoughts on “At Spes Infracta

  1. Gotta go 27-21 the rest of the way to get over .500, don’t think that will happen but hope so. At least will make for some semi-meaningful games in the latter part of the season, but this losing streak killed the chances for a pennant race. Still way better season than I expected though. You’re right, losing to Vogelsong would have stung.

    Posted by couchburner | August 9, 2011, 4:35 pm
  2. Wonderful elxpnaatoin of facts available here.

    Posted by Billybob | September 9, 2011, 3:45 pm

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