Deja Vu all over again.

(Looks like until this losing streak is over, I can just keep posting the same generic article.  Details crossed out.  Some updated.  Truly is deja vu.)

Eight Nine Ten game losing streak.

Three Four Five games below .500

Eight Nine Ten games back in the standings.

I’m buying?  Why not?  It is a penny stock now.

Three Two things occurred in that game that sap much of the hope from a fan.  The starting pitching got rocked.  The bullpen could not stop the bleeding.  And Pedro Alvarez grounded into three 4-6-3 double plays, one with the bases loaded.  The most discouraging thing for me is the bullpen.  This pen has become a liability of late.  There is no confidence coming out of that pen except for Joel Hanrahan and the team can never make it to him.

Every starter is allowed one bad start, and Jeff Karstens can be forgiven his.  He has been a big part of the excitement about this team and he was due for a rough outing.  Alvarez is still a youngster and he fell victim of trying to do too much.  He let his top hand get dominant and rolled over on those balls.  I still have faith he can learn from it.  The offense is starting to come to life with the Bucs totalling 15 hits.  The starters are still capable of some good outings.  It is the bullpen that needs help.  This season is not lost yet, although with a few more losses, it could be.

The Pirates still have 10 games against the Cardinals, and 10 games against the Brewers.  Their destiny is in their hands.  Fix the bullpen, get some timely hitting, and this thing can be turned around.  I’m not interested in playoffs as much as I am in ending the 18 year streak at 18 years.




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