I’m buying stock.

The stock market went down 500 points today.  Do you know that means?  Buy!

Same things with the Bucs.  They were due for a let down.  Now everyone is writing them off and digging their grave.  People are selling their stock in droves.  But me?  I’m buying.

The team is not used to grinding with so much at stake and when they got some reinforcements in Derek Lee and Ryan Ludwick, I think there was a bit of a sigh of relief.  Just the slightest urge to relax.  That is why we have seen a lack of concentration during this recent slump.  That is all part of the learning process. This team will rebound.

I’m happy to hear Clint Hurdle talking about giving our starters a break and mixing in some starts from others.  Those guys could use a break.  The team very much needs to give the bullpen some help, and we strongly need to consider using Joel Hanrahan in non-save roles to get them out some tough spots and increase their chances of winning.  Some consideration needs to be given to giving Ross Ohlendorf a look in the pen.

I’m still a strong believer in Pedro Alvarez and believe the team is better served protecting him more in the lineup.  I can not stress enough how much this team is feeling the loss of both Jose Tabata and Alex Presley.  Until one of them returns, if I’m the Pirates, I keep Xavier Paul in the lineup every day and batting leadoff.  I bat Neil Walker 2nd, Andrew McCutchen 3rd, then Lee, Ryan Doumit, Alvarez, Ludwick, then Cedeno.  That lineup actually is not too bad and I anticipate the bats to break out soon.

If you’re selling stock, I’m buying.



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