Pirates Starting Rotation Ranked Last

The Pittsburgh Pirates starting rotation is ranked last in a pre-season ESPN blog by David Schoenfield.  The blog ranks the players at every position in the division and I was shocked that Bucs starters fared so poorly.  Our starting pitchers were each individually ranked last compared to the others except for Erik Bedard who was listed as our 4th starter in the rotation and he ranked 5th only ahead of J.A. Happ.

They actually have Paul Maholm ranked 5th ahead of James McDonald as the #3 starter spot in the rotation.  The good news, I suppose, is pitching is the most difficult thing to predict, so these rankings are meaningless.  But, it does give one pause who has hope of the Bucs pitching leading them towards a .500 season.  By the way, the blogger picked the Pirates to finish 4th in the division.



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