Bucs @ Phils, 4/24

  • It is so frustrating to see the Bucs strike out three consecutive times looking at strike three with a runner in scoring position.  Although, that 3rd strike to Andrew McCutchen was way outside.  Not even sure it was close enough to warrant a swing to protect the plate, regardless of what the ump thought.  
  • Roy Halladay is crazy if he thought Neil Walker should have been able to get out of the way of that heat-seeking curve ball.
  • The ump completely blew the call on the 3rd strike check-swing by Russell Martin.  We should have seen John McDonald coming up with the bases loaded.  More importantly, it would have ran Halladay’s pitch count up.
  • Awesome mistake by Jimmy Rollins trying to get home when the ball was hit hard on the ground to Pedro Alvarez with runners on 1st and 3rd and no outs.  How funny he waited until Pedro went to 2nd for the force out then broke for home.  Walker threw him out easily at the plate for the double play.
  • There is a part of me that agreed with the decision to pinch-hit for McDonald with Gaby Sanchez representing the tying run.  Especially since Pedro just went deep off the same LHP two batters earlier.  But, McDonald hit two solid balls in the game and was robbed twice.  Once by the diving stop by Chase Utley and then another diving catch by Domonic Brown in LF.
  • What is Clint Hurdle’s fascination with the sacrifice bunt.  I would not have attempted to bunt with Starling Marte representing the go-ahead run with Jose Tabata at first.  I actually believe Marte flubbed his two bunt attempts so he could swing away.  And I’m glad he did, regardless of the result.
  • Unbelievable slide by Tabata to get back to 2nd when picked-off by a mile by the catcher.
  • Thank God Hurdle called off the sacrifice bunt for Travis Snider so he could drive in the tying run against a RHP.
  • <cough> Like I said… <cough> … I agreed <cough> with allowing <cough> Brandon <cough> Inge making the <cough> team all along.  <cough>
  • Mark Melancon pitched.  Again.  Successfully.  But, again.  Wow.  I hope he holds up for when we need him.  Not to downplay these games, because they all can prove necessary.  But…  I have confidence in other pitchers in the short term, but Melancon in the long term, if the Bucs manage him correctly.  Asking a lot.
  • I wonder if that Utley drop on the pop-up to shallow RF along the line was contributed to the semi-collission to shallow RF earlier in the game.
  • I’d love to listen to those conversations late in games when Jason Grilli and Martin are at the mound with gloves over faces talking.
  • Great, great win!


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