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3/23/19 Roster Updates

It should be no surprise that Francisco Liriano and Melky Cabrera made the opening day roster.  The maniacs in the comments sections of DKPittsburghSports (subscription required) are pointing at both as being examples of the Pirates sucking.  These same people would have criticized it had they been cut. Last season Liriano held players the first time … Continue reading

2019 Pittsburgh Pirates Preview

I’m a Pittsburgh Pirates apologist. No, not really.  I just see things a bit differently than the “fans” who call themselves “maniacs.”  I attempt to look at the big picture and interpret things objectively.  I did believe when the Pirates traded the under-appreciated Ivan Nova this winter they would utilize those payroll savings and reinvest … Continue reading

Post All-Star Break: What should they do?

BUY! Haha!  I know, I know.  I’m delusional. I’m not suggesting they trade all their prospects in order to upgrade for one run this season.  I’m suggesting they make one or two acquisitions that can strengthen their run this season while not jeopardizing next season.  I know many “fans” gave up on Gregory Polanco long … Continue reading

Revisiting the Gerrit Cole and Andrew McCutchen trades with an eye towards free agency

Gerrit Cole is currently earning $6.8m and is arbitration eligible next season before becoming a free agent.  Cole’s projected 2018 WAR (Fangraphs – Steamer) is 2.6.  As of the time of this writing, here are just some of the free agent starting pitchers still available with projected WAR (Fangraphs – Steamer)) and market salary (Spotrac): … Continue reading

Are the Pirates terrible at drafting?

If you follow the message boards and comment sections of websites covering the Pittsburgh Pirates you’ll find an irrational horde of fans that have nothing good to say about how the Pittsburgh Pirates have been run. These “fans” seem to ignore any of the positive developments the Pirates have had over the years. In 1996, … Continue reading

Coming to terms with the Cutch trade.

When I first heard the news that Andrew McCutchen was traded, I was sad.  Cutch is one of my favorite athletes of all time in any sport.  He is a class-act.  Someone you want to be a representative of your team.  Of course, then I was anxious to see what assets the trade netted the … Continue reading

Did Bucs’ playoff hopes just take the Cole-Train out of town?

I’m a fan first and an analyst second.  I’m also an independent thinker who is usually skeptical of the mob reaction.  Since many people are negative and like spewing their negativity over everything, the mob will be out in full force cursing this trade.  That doesn’t mean they’re necessarily wrong, but it doesn’t mean they’re … Continue reading

2017 Post All-Star Break

To see into the future we first need to look into the past.  So we’ll do a brief review on the season so far which requires us going back to decisions made in 2016 and the off-season.  The unloading of Francisco Liriano was frustrating at the time.  We interpreted it at first as nothing more … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

But, not in that order.  We like to finish on a positive note, so we’ll start with the ugly, then move on to the bad, and close with the good. The ugly: The Bucs have scored the 2nd fewest runs in the NL. -19 in run differential. 1-6 against the Reds. Averaging .86 errors per … Continue reading

Past Innocents

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