Who are the Pirates going to trade for?

It is obvious that the Pirates need a little more offense, although I do not see the Bucs lineup in it’s current form any worse than the Braves lineup in it’s current form.  Both teams have been challenged by some injuries, but the Braves have more established players that will be rejoining their team than what the Pirates do.

Ryan Doumit did start his rehab assignment and will provide a boost when he returns, but is anyone banking on him not getting hurt again?  It would be nice to replace Lyle Overbay at first, but I am unsure what real value there is available.  Carlos Pena and his lower average?  Hunter Pence and his awkward slow gait in RF with Garrett Jones and Steve Pearce splitting time at first?

It was nice to read rumors that Neil Huntington aggressively pursued Carlos Beltran, but that Beltran would not allow the Buccos to be considered due to his no-trade clause.  I do not want to see the Pirates part with any of their best prospects, just spend the cash to get someone that is being dumped (like Aramis Ramirez was so many years ago).

Melky Carbrera might be a temporary option just to give us some better defense in the outfield since there is no timetable for Jose Tabata to return and we are unsure what is going on with Alex Presley’s thumb.  Derek Lee is probably the best option right now as an upgrade over Oberbay without costing too much.  BJ Upton will cost way more than we should consider.

Who do you all want to see the team go try to get?



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