Good grief! Pence to Phillies.

The Phillies who just beat the tar out of the Pirates have traded for Hunter Pence.  Just rub our noses in it.  The Bucs fell apart tonight and took a drubbing, but might as well get all the bad out of their system in the first game of the series.  Now they will get to see someone they were hoping to trade for playing against them in a new uniform.  About this series, though…  Truth is, if the Bucs can take one of the final two games, this will have had a productive stretch.  They are still in the discussion for a Central Division title and possibly trading for someone who can help their struggling offense.

However, it appears that the only splash candidate left in consideration for the Buccos is Carlos Pena, who I assume the Cubs will come down on in asking price.  But, why do they need another version of Lyle Overbay, just with more power?  I started to write this whole snip about O-for-…..  anyway…  With Clint Hurdle’s comments today, no sense piling on.  Hurdle said, “Is there time to catch a spark? Yes, but we need to get something done sooner rather than later.”

Read more: http://www.postgazette.com/pg/11210/1163738-63.stm#ixzz1TYFRsSIh

The last thing I want to see the Pirates do is part with a top prospect, but I do want to see them pull the trigger on something.  Even if it is Carlos Pena.  Ryan Ludwick does not seem to be an option right now.  I do not see Melky Cabrera being a difference maker nor something the Bucs are considering, assuming Alex Presley returns sooner rather than later.  All the injuries have really made the whole debate problematic with attempting to determine what answers may come with people returning from injuries.  If Presley is going to be out for an extended period of time, though.  I would fully support Cabrera being traded for.  Seeing Garrett Jones get lost racing towards the wall for long fly balls reminds us how important defense is, especially to this team.

The Pirates should rest late into the trade deadline this weekend and see if something falls in their lap.  No sense reaching for anything.  But, if an opportunity presents itself, then they need to seize the day.



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