On the brink?

Pirate fans always have one foot on the ground looking for the first sign that our run is coming to an end.  This has been a frustrating series thus far, but there are signs of encouragement to take from the loss.  Notes from the game:

  • James McDonald pitched very well.  Error involved in the 1st inning setting up the two runs given up then.  Later in the game when he gave up two other runs, he allowed two infield hits and a bloop single with a smashed double mixed in.  He only walked one, though, the entire game.  
  • Nice to see Clint Barmes not start.  I begged early in the year to start Josh Harrison over him, and lately begging for Jordy Mercer.  I don’t care who it is, just not Barmes.  
  • Josh Harrison getting plunked reminded me of a line in the new Batman movie.  A guy getting promoted from a beat cop to a detective is told, “You’re not allowed to believe in coincidences any longer.”  That is how I felt when we have two guys plunked in two days.  
  • The Clint Hurdle ejection was bullcrap.
  • I didn’t like it when they left Jared Hughes in the game.  For some reason, relievers seem to not have the mental makeup to do that successfully – come back out to pitch after they believe their day is done.  
  • Must win game today.  


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