Sunday Game Notes

  • AJ Burnett is the man.  Controlled the game throughout and again gives the pen some rest.
  • It appears Rod Barajas is the catcher for Burnett and Wandy Rodriguez, with McKenry catching everyone else.  I’m okay with that.
  • I was irked that Pedro Alvarez and Travis Snider were both benched today with a RHP on the mound in Homer Bailey.  Not to mention that Pedro is batting .318 with 14 HRs in day games this year.  
  • I was fine with Josh Harrison starting, but rather it had been in place of Clint Barmes.
  • Shows what I know, though.  Barmes and Gaby Sanchez combined to go 4 of 10 and score two runs.  
  • I think we have to ride Starling Marte through Labor Day to see what we have.  He shows flashes of what everyone spoke about when he was in the minors.  
  • Four Pirates were hit by pitches.  Zero Reds were.  Grrrr.  


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