Monday Game Notes

I can’t figure out how Clint Hurdle comes up with these lineups, but they keep working.

  • Rod Barajas should not start over Michael McKenry, but goes 1 – 3 and an RBI.
  • Clint Barmes should be benched, but drills a double off the notch.
  • Gaby Sanchez should not be starting against a RHP and goes 2 -4 with a run and an RBI.

So, I am hesitant to question Hurdle too much on these questionable lineups.  He certainly is pulling the right strings and smart to give Erik Bedard an extra days rest.  The guy pitched brilliantly and threw some un-hit-able curves to touch the outside corner.  Other notes:

  • I like how Chad Qualls has been pitching so far.
  • I look forward to seeing Pedro Alvarez play again.
  • Starling Marte’s throw to 2B was sweet.  I love how he positioned himself before fielding the ball and generating momentum towards 2B before the throw.  Text book.
  • Josh Harrison made some good defensive plays.  He is a great role/depth player.  
  • The play by Andrew McCutchen to make it to third on his bloop single to center was little league brilliant.  His grin before flashing the Z took the cake.  
  • What a great feeling to win that game and immediately feel the need to switch over to watch the remainder of the Reds’ game.  Weird rooting for Milwaukee, but glad to see the Brewers win.


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