Week In Review

Busy week and internet problems delayed me from commenting on things that have occurred this past week.  So here I go:

  • I had a meltdown when Clint Hurdle left Jared Hughes in for a second inning in a tied game.  Isn’t that what our best relievers are for?  Of course we lost the game when Hughes gives up a 2-run HR.  Then the next game Hurdle rubs it in by using Mark Melancon in a game where the Bucs had a comfortable lead.  Drives me mad.
  • Travis Snider has really given me confidence that he is going to be a very solid hitter.  He is raking right now.
  • The Bucs lineup can really dominate RHP.  And if Starling Marte can avoid long droughts during adjustments, he and Andrew McCutchen can keep us competitive against LHP.
  • I support the all righty lineup against starting LHP.
  • Those two HRs from Pedro Alvarez were bombs!  I even made my wife, who doesn’t like baseball, watch the replays.  If he can even match last year’s performance, this team is going to be very competitive.
  • I’m sure this will work itself out before it happens, but interesting to see what does happen when Jeff Karstens, Francisco Liriano, and Charlie Morton are all available.
  • Wandy Rodriguez is so impressive.  When he pitches, I feel we can beat anyone.  AJ Burnett and him make a very solid 1 & 2.
  • James McDonald is so up-and-down, even from batter to batter.  His confidence vacillates wildly.  When he is up, he can be dominating.  When he is down, it can be painful to watch.
  • Long season and many things can happen, but my confidence in this team is sky-high.  They seem confident and relaxed.  I truly believe they will make the playoffs, or at worst, at least end the drought.


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