Bucs take 3 of 4 against Braves

Great game!  Observations:

  • I want to know what happened between Travis Snider and Braves Catcher Gerald Laird.  Snider backed out of the box and the umpire had to step in and talked with both of them, but Snider looked ticked.  He immediately drilled a double to RF and seemed intense upon arriving at 2nd base and flashing the Zoltan.
  • Then, later in the game when Snider scored on the wild pitch, Snider barked at Laird in his celebration.
  • Ump had a tight strikezone today.
  • Which makes it even more amazing how many times the Bucs took a fastball looking for strike three with men in scoring position.
  • Pedro Alvarez seems to have made the adjustment to fight off breaking balls, but he’s gotten caught looking at fastballs for strike three twice recently.  It was nice to see him hitting to the opposite field against the LHP.  Almost got the HR, but nice play by Justin Upton.
  • The Pirates bullpen is dominant, but the starters need to get more innings though.  Crucial for Burnett to go deep into the game against the Phillies on Monday.
  • I’m concerned that Justin Wilson’s velocity seemed down a bit today.  Maybe he just had an off day.
  • The Pirates are exuding confidence right now.  Their starting pitching needs to hang in there until reinforcements can arrive.  Gerrit Cole does not appear to be ready anytime soon to be a part of those reinforcements.  Maybe by mid-summer he’ll have made the proper adjustments in AAA.


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