Brewers make me drink…

Playing the Brewers always drives me to drinking…  Why is it that it seems every time we play them we resort to the Bad News Bears.  I knew tonight would be a challenging game Yovani Gallardo taking the mound for the Brew Crew, but I thought with Wandy Rodriguez starting for the Bucs, that it would be a close game.

The Brewers hit 5 HRs and 3 triples.  Holy mokers!

Total butt kicking.  Now for some brief thougths:

  • Glad to see Sanchez come in for relief.  I would have left him in until his arm fell off, even if we lost 20 – 2. Not like we haven’t done that before in Milwaukee.
  • If Barmes is not going to make the routine plays, then call up Jordy Mercer.  I can stomach no offense from the SS position only so long as the defense is impeccable.  I know Barmes’ stats are as solid as last year, if not actually better.   But, he hasn’t been making the spectacular plays and booting some routine ones.  I would like to see what Jordy Mercer can do considering he is raking in AAA.  Again.
  • I was relieved Garrett Jones belted that HR just so we didn’t completely go silently into the night.
  • Andrew McCutchen is about to get hot.  He belted that line drive for an out to center then followed up with a low line drive for a hit.  He’s due to rebound soon.
  • Big game for James McDonald to come through for the Bucs on Tuesday with Jeanmar Gomez starting on Wednesday.  Last thing the Bucs need to have happen is go into Milwaukee and get swept.  The Brewers are already in their heads.
  • Jose Contreras will come up soon.  I’m guessing the Bucs release Sanchez at that point.  Perhaps they’ll place Neil Walker on the DL and go with an extended bullpen until Francisco Liriano arrives to the rotation.


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