After moving two weeks ago and being in Cabo San Lucas last week, I’m finally able to get back into a routine.  I recorded Saturday’s game and the Penguins game last night, but actually missed the final three minutes of the Pens as the recording stopped.  Nothing more exciting than OT Playoff Hockey, especially in an elimination game.  Thrilled the Pens won, sad I missed the winning goal.

Observations of the Bucs:

  • Shocked that the Bucs are sending Jordy Mercer back to the minors.  Frigging asinine.  Why would John McDonald be kept over Mercer?  I actually think one of the reasons Clint Barmes has been hitting a little better lately is because he knows Mercer is breathing down his neck for the starting gig at SS.
  • Clint Barmes was a dunce getting picked off 2nd from a throw by the Mets’ catcher.  He completely got caught day dreaming.
  • Loved Francisco Liriano pitching for the Bucs.  It is very exciting to have him on the mound.  He has a presence.
  • Crazy game Sunday.  Those have always been the type of games the Bucs lose in the last 20 years.  That weird bounce off the 1st-base bag in the 8th to Brandon Inge was amazingly lucky.
  • Jeanmar Gomez has pitched well.  Too bad he had to leave early due to the calf contusion.
  • I noticed Hurdle last week pitched Melancon and Grilli in a tied game.  We lost, but nice change of pace.
  • Michael McKenry doesn’t frame pitches near as well as Russell Martin.
  • Bucs must take this home series against the Brewers.


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