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About Time: Jared Hughes Plunks Back

After years of perceiving that the Bucs just lay down and take it when teams plunk them with pitches and offer no equivocation in return, it is nice to see that change.  It is refreshing to see Jared Hughes come in after seeing his battery mate, Michael McKenry, hit by a pitch in a blowout Pirates victory and use his first pitch to nail the Astros hitter square in the thigh.  He followed it up with a couple more inside pitches to the next Houston hitter.  I’ve been begging the Bucs pitchers to show such resolve in years past.

Other random thoughts:

  • Andrew McCutchen is a beast.
  • James McDonald did a wonderful job of getting two more innings on the books after we thought he might be done for the night.  
  • Drew Sutton has started his Pirates career very solidly.
  • Bucs need one more starting pitcher to step up to go with J-Mac’s and AJB’s consistency.  
  • Garrett Jones seems to really be benefitting not having to be “the guy”.
  • Is Neil Walker getting ready to break out in the 2nd half?
  • The Clemente Wall got worn out tonight.  


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