Welcome Back Karstens

Yep, I know Jeff Karstens has been back, but tonight was the Karstens I know and love.  The guy just throws strikes.  Something during previous seasons was frustratingly lacking.  This guy is a very solid #3 starter (Erik Bedard is 4th).  I sincerely believe the Bucs can make the playoffs, but they do have many players with unproven track records, or proven records of inconsistency.  Karstens is consistently competitive.  

I think Kevin Correia is fine at #5, but I don’t rely on Bedard staying healthy.  I think Brad Lincoln’s next try at the rotation will have him stick.  So, I’m not anxious for the Pirates to seek pitching heading into the trade deadline in a few weeks, but I would still like to see them explore hitting.  But… the only player I am anxious about them replacing is Clint Barmes.  Since I think catchers are a large part of pitching success, I do not want to see them make a change from Michael McKenry or Clint Barajas.  Well, I do… but, not necessarily this season.  Call it paranoia.

  • I thought Pedro Alvarez had some tough strike calls go against him tonight.
  • Drew Sutton is having a nice ride, even with his base-running mistake.  
  • I’m ready for Pedro to move up a spot in the lineup.  Being protected in the lineup by Michael McKenry just doesn’t make sense.  I know having Garrett Jones and Pedro back to back in the lineup does present a concern of two lefty batters together, but that is what pinch hitters are for.  I’m not ready for Pedro to be the clean up hitter yet, though…  call it paranoia.  


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