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Draft, Trades, and Other Stuff

  • It is an unbelievable feeling expecting to win every game.  
  • I’m not upset at all that the Pirates couldn’t sign Mark Appel.  I don’t wish Appel to get injured, but…. I won’t feel sorry for him if he does.  I’m proud the Bucs didn’t mortgage the future to sign him.
  • Speaking of mortgaging the future.  I take that as a sign they won’t do it in making any trades.  That means you won’t see Gerrit Cole, Jameson Taillon, or Luis Heredia traded.  I doubt Starlin Marte, Robbie Grossman, Kyle McPherson, or Josh Bell either.  
  • You might see one of the players I doubt actually being traded if they get someone like Justin Upton who they could keep hold of for multiple seasons.  But, I don’t see this trade getting done.
  • If they do get Upton, I think it has as much to do with solidifying the OF defense without a drop-off offensively and strengthening the bench (Drew Sutton/Alex Presley moving there) as anything else.
  • I don’t care whether the Bucs make a trade or don’t make a trade.  I only care that if they do make a trade that it is a good one.  Trades are always about looking at the big picture and improving your team with short term and long term considerations.  
  • Neil Walker has been looking like one of the best second baseman in baseball.
  • Pedro Alvarez is a beast.  


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