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“He Tied The Game!”

I was hanging on last night watching that game with one eye open.  I had hung on to watch Pedro finish that AB representing the tying run after the rain delay in the 9th.  And when he made contact, I leapt from the bed jumping up and down shouting “He tied the game! He tied the game! He tied the game!  Whoohoo! He tied the game!”

It was so exciting and I thought for sure we were going to find a way to pull that game out.

Then we lost.  And I started to worry that it is 2011 all over again.  

But these are not your 2011 Bucs.  And we didn’t lose the game in 19 innings on a horrible call by the umpire.  Karstens pitched well.  We have offense, including the best player in the NL right now in McCutchen.  And Pedro Alvarez looks better every day.  The bullpen is good more often than bad.  Erik Bedard needs to put a good game together tonight.  

It is time to stop the bleeding.   



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