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Welcome Wandy

The Pirates bolster their rotation by bringing in a much needed LHP in Wandy Rodriguez.  He will also provide depth to the rotation in case Jeff Karstens or Erik Bedard have further injuries.  I suppose Robbie Grossman could develop into something we will regret having parted with, but I’m not sweating it.  Rudy Owens would have been an inexpensive stop gap for us, but never a long term solution.  Wandy is under control for multiple years, so he can stick in next year’s rotation with Karstens, James McDonald, AJ Burnett, and Gerrit Cole.  Not bad.  

I have a feeling Wandy will be inserted into the rotation causing one week of a six-man rotation before replacing Kevin Correia.  This will provide the rotation that one bump of rest they wanted to have.  I’ll assume Correia moves to the pen to replace Evan Meek, or possibly is moved in a trade just to eat innings for another team with the Bucs eating some money in the deal.

The Astros throwing in so much cash this year means the Bucs can still be aggressive in the market place this year and go after a rental player.  After watching two horrendous offensive performances from the team, fans are desperate to acquire a bat again.  Shane Victorino is on many people’s radars, or possibly Hunter Pence.  Victorino would provide better defense, Pence the better bat.  I’d like to see Hanley Ramirez (if hand is healthy) and move him back to SS.  But, no sense thinking about it because I only want these players if the provide better value than what we give up, so… why waste time speculating.  

I am sure the Bucs are not done attempting to improve the team.  And it is obvious by the Wandy trade that trading for players under control for multiple seasons is important to the Pirates plan.  That is comforting to know that the current year’s success is not causing the Bucs to lose sight of the big picture.    



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