Opening Day!! Live thread…

Here are our Innocent thoughts on the game:

  • Batting Gaby Sanchez 5th ahead of Neil Walker is dumb.
  • Batting Garrett Jones 2nd is a classic example of outsmarting oneself.
  • If having Sanchez and Jones is our best offensive lineup, God help us.
  • No coincidence that the two big hits outside of Anthony Rizzo’s were to deep RF where we had a first-baseman playing.
  • As we progressed through the lineup watching on TV, seeing the stats of the Bucs’ OBA from last year was depressing.
  • AJ Burnett was awesome.
  • Neil Walker got robbed on that check-swing 3rd-strike.  Big play in the game too.
  • Sad when you find yourself yelling at the TV at your players “Don’t swing!” as our best offensive choice. I just wanted to see Jeff Samardzija reach his pitch count after six innings to give the Pirates a chance to win.
  • Glad to see Pedro Alvarez get a hit and an RBI in the game batting clean-up.  I believe in psychological victories down to the individual detail.  Confidence matters.
  • Justin Wilson looked great!
  • Andrew McCutchen stealing a base down by three was dumb… and I’m thrilled he did it.  Yep, I’m dumb (and he’s on my fantasy team).
  • The Bucs couldn’t have started the season against a worst matchup in Samardzija.
  • The Bucs hitting sucks.
  • If Starling Marte and Travis Snyder/Jose Tabata don’t get really good really fast, this season will be a struggle.
  • I’m a fan.  I’m emotional.  If you want objectiveness, go somewhere else.  If you want someone to ride the roller coaster with you, come here.
  • I did not edit this for typos or poor grammar.
  • Peace.


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