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Pittsburgh Innocents – an Amateur Pittsburgh Pirates Glass-Half-Full Baseball Blog

I’ve been a Pittsburgh Pirates fan for almost 40 years.  I decided on the name for the blog based on the history of the team.  Although the Pittsburgh Pirates got their start as the Pittsburgh Alleghenies in 1876, they were later renamed the Innocents in 1890.  The funny thing is that this could still be their name today except for their dubious acquisition of a player from the Philadelphia Athletics in 1891 through alleged piratical tactics.  Hence, some started calling them the Pirates and the name stuck.  As far as my opinion on the charges against them in 1891?  I think they’re innocent.

When I first started this blog in 2013, I dreamed of making it something special like BucsDugout or Pirates Prospects.  Then I realized to make it special, it would become a full-time job when I already had a full-time job.  So then I was going to do it just for fun and write my thoughts following each game.  Well, that was a lot to ask after drinking ten beers or more.  So then I all-but-abandoned the whole endeavor.

In winter/spring of 2017 I decided to make a career change from management to sales reducing my hours from 60/week to about 35/week.  If I’m ever going to resuscitate this blog, this is the year.  Which is perfect timing since the Bucs are going to win it all this year.

I know, crazy right?  Half-glass-full of what exactly?  Bacardi 151?

I admit I can be full of hopeless optimism at times, but preseason is the exact time we fans should be.  If one can’t dream, then what can one do?  I believe in the power of manifesting reality.  Influencing outcomes through purposeful energy.  Don’t by coy with me,  you do it too.  Tell me you’ve never cheered at your television, or lined up all your beers cans in a certain direction, or wear the exact same clothes for each game.  As Bud Light says, “It’s only weird if it doesn’t work.”

Conor McGregor, UFC Champion of two weight divisions, understands the law of attraction and the power of visualization.

We need all Pirates fans to believe this is the year.  We need positive energy to keep the injuries at bay.  Even though the Pirates lost Sean Rodriguez and Matt Joyce this off-season the bench is as deep as it has ever been.  Even with Jung Ho Kang’s status up in the air, the Buccos have the ability to compensate for it.  Even though the Bucs are in a division with the best team in baseball in the Chicago Cubs and a perennial contender in the St. Louis Cardinals, the Pirates can go toe-to-toe with both of them.

I’ll post something about once per week so next week I’ll post my preseason preview as to why I have confidence this is the Pirates year to win it all.  Cheers!



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