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And…. on 2nd thought…. umm….

Tyler Glasnow wins 5th starter job.  I’m surprised.  Glasnow pitched well down the stretch in spring training, but the Bucs have such a history of delaying their future stars arrivals that I didn’t anticipate this at all.  This will make many fans happy.  I’m not surprised that my prediction of starting the season with only four starters was wrong as I knew it was likely to be wrong when I made it considering the schedule doesn’t give the Bucs two days off the first week like it has in past years.  But, I thought they may delay the arrival of their 5th starter until his time to pitch came about.

Word is Trevor Williams will be moved to the pen as a long reliever.  This gives them three pitchers who can go multiple innings in relief – Williams, Wade Leblanc, and Juan Nicasio.  This means Tyler Webb doesn’t make the team and is likely heading back to New York unless a trade can be worked out.  I am shocked by this as well.  The Pirates just don’t allow potential to go away easily.

So first we see them bring Glasnow in right away when in the past they’ve delayed a future star’s arrival so they can get one more year out of them before a big contract is necessary.  Second we see them allow Webb to leave after a quality spring.  This makes me wonder if Alen Hanson is safe after all.  I think he performed well enough to make the team, but they already have enough utility players and Jose Osuna has more power.  I think Hanson’s speed keeps him on the roster, but I’m not as confident in that as I was yesterday.

These decisions lead me to believe the Pirates are confident they can make a run this year.



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