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Who are these guys?

The offense is jamming with recent consistent hitting and a very loose dugout.  Kevin Correia looked sharp tonight too.  The rotation seems very solid when Erik Bedard or Correia have a good turn through the rotation.  James McDonald and A.J. Burnett have obviously been stellar.

When Pedro Alvarez swings the bat the way he has recently, the offense looks entirely different.  Lost in the shuffle is the way Casey McGehee has been hitting of late.  Looking through a very small window of just the last four games, one can only be concerned about preventing stolen bases.

Some notes from tonight’s game:

  • I agree with holding up Chris Resop in the 8th from attempting to score, but I would have loved to have seen him try to score, purely from a fan perspective.  He must be really slow to have been barely around 3rd when he was running on the play, while McCutchen was two steps away from 2nd.
  • I laughed out loud with the cup on Brad Lincoln’s hat.  But, if we had lost that game, I would have blamed that.
  • My confidence was shaken when Tony Watson had the bases loaded and Ryan Doumit at the plate.
  • I’ve been more impressed with Pedro’s opposite field doubles these last two games than his home runs.
  • Correia’s solid start means Karstens will bump Lincoln from the rotation.  I’m curious if Lincoln returns to dominant form in the bullpen how much weight he would carry on the trade market.
  • If Pedro and Casey continues to hit, what would the Bucs be in the market to trade for?  A healthy Ryan Dempster?  A dominant and consistent 1B?  A catcher who could hit and throw people out?


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