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Quick notes – 7/7/12 part 2

  • Should I rename this site DrewSutton.com?
  • I’ve been taking Neil Walker for granted.  The guy is on fire. 
  • Speaking of ‘taking for granted’, how about defense?  Clint Barmes and Gorkys Hernandez saved that game tonight.  
  • Zoltan!
  • Andrew McCutchen .360, Melky Cabrera .358
  • Michael McKenry has developed quite the power stroke.  Is it for real or should we just enjoy the ride?  
  • Pedro Alvarez continues to impress me considerably.  After striking out twice to Vogelsong on outside pitches, to catch up and hit a double to RF was impressive.  I do know that Vogelsong left that pitch out over the plate a bit, but Pedro pushed it by choice.  The guy is locked in.  Funny that the wall jutted up a bit to rob him of a HR.
  • What did Jason Grilli write in the dirt?  He seemed to be looking at it before each pitch and struck out the side.  I love that guy.  Deserved the All Star consideration.  Showed he can close after the talk of an All Star game and then turning in that performance.  
  • If we end up with a losing season, I might kill myself.  (Emphasis on “might”).  


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