Pirates, Pittsburgh Pirates


Two hits.


Quick thoughts:

  • The pitching has been very encouraging, both starters and relievers.  How much of this can be attributed to Russell Martin?
  • Martin has been solid defensively behind the plate.
  • Inexcusable for Martin to get picked off first.
  • I can’t wait for Starling Marte to explode.  He just looks like a stud ball player.  Perhaps he’ll never reach my expectations.
  • Boneheaded play for Marte to get thrown out at 3rd.
  • I still think McCutchen will be the MVP this season.  Yes, for the NL.
  • Locke slotted to pitch Sunday which means McKenry gets his first start of the season.
  • Hyun-Jin Ryu starting for Dodgers.  He gave up 10 hits in 6.1 innings in his first start.  Maybe the Bucs can finally generate some base runners.  Not runs necessarily, but at least threaten.
  • Ryu is a lefty.  I bet most of the bench starts today – Tabata, Sanchez, Harrison, and McDonald sitting Snider, Jones, Pedro, and Barmes.


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